Black Rising at the Bike'N'Hound. Photography by Grey Trilby | Tobias Alexander

Black Rising… and rising

There are some night’s you really wonder what’s wrong with people – you put on a great band with a solid heritage and no-one turns up.

o that was the scene that confronted Black Rising on Friday. Lesser bands would have been put off by this, only bringing their B-game (Where ‘B’ stands for ‘Bugger this, if they can’t be arsed, neither can we’).

Thing is, Black Rising didn’t do this. They went the extra mile – they gave 110% – every song, every word, every beat. And they were superb.

As people gradually came in, they stayed, they drank, they danced – and had a whale of a time.

So next time people, try and catch more than the last 15 minutes of the band – because you could have a whole 2 hours of rocking-out fun!

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