Bands at the Bike’N’Hound

Here’s a run down on all the bands that have played, or are scheduled to play at the Bike’N’Hound. Hopefully these profiles will give you a taste of what you’re in for when you pop in for some great beer and live music. And you WILL pop in…

If you’re one of the bands listed here and you believe any content is inaccurate, please do get in touch. If you’d rather we used your band logo than footage from the archives, supply it and we’ll happily update.


Sacrament at the Bike'N'Hound. Photography by Grey Trilby | Tobias Alexander Sacrament are a Wigan-based heavy-metal, thrash and rock band that have been on the circuit since 2010. They list their influences as Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer,
Tagged under: Heavy Metal, Rock, Sacrament, Thrash
Sacrament - Band Profile

Mercury Field

Mercury Field at the Bike'N'Hound - Photography by Tobias Alexander / Grey Trilby Mercury Field is one of those bands that's rather hard to define. And that's one of the reasons we like them. Self-described as  "Thin Lizzy
Tagged under: Heavy Rock, Mercury Field, Original Music, Punk influence
Mercury Field - Band Profile

Black Rising

Black Rising may seem familiar to some of you, and with good reason. The band incorporates 3 members of the always popular YC/DC, but rather
Tagged under: Black Rising, Classic Rock, Heavy Rock
Black Rising - Band Profile

Storm Kings

Storm Kings header image Storm Kings are a brand new four-piece covers band hailing from South Manchester playing a mix of classic and heavy rock including Black Sabbath, The
Tagged under: Classic Rock, Heavy Rock, Storm Kings
Storm Kings - Band Profile

The Basics

The Basics at the Bike'N'Hound - Photo by Tobias Alexander / Grey Trilby The Basics are another of our favourite local bands - and also rather unusual and hard to pin down. In this day and age of
Tagged under: Blues, Classic Rock, Rock, The Basics
The Basics - Band Profile

Deja Voodoo

Large Profile Picture for Deja Voodoo Deja Voodoo Band are a classic rock & blues band hailing from Oldham/Saddleworth. Still quite a recent grouping they play superbly with some very slick
Tagged under: Blues, Classic Rock, Deja Voodoo
Deja Voodoo Band - Band Profile

Riff Raff

Riff Raff at the Bike'N'Hound About Riff Raff Always popular when they play here at the Bike'N'Hound, Riff Raff are a four-piece heavy rock covers band from the North West
Tagged under: Classic Rock, Hair, Heavy Rock, Riff Raff
Riff Raff - Band Profile

Maximum Torque

Maximum Torque - another of those great classic rock bands that we don't get in the Bike'N'Hound as often as we'd like. Very energetic, highly
Tagged under: Classic Rock, Maximum Torque
Maximum Torque - Band Profile

Rocking Horse

Rocking Horse at the Bike'N'Hound I was wondering how best to open this little overview of Rocking Horse, and hit a bit of a bump. I didn't know where to
Tagged under: Classic Rock, hyde, Manchester, Rocking Horse, tameside
Rocking Horse - Band Profile

A Band of Gypsies

About A Band of Gypsies Another favourite here at the Bike'N'Hound, A Band of Gypsies are a 3-piece rock covers band. When these guys play,
Tagged under: A Band of Gypsies, Classic Rock
A Band of Gypsies - Band Profile

Andy Bennett

Andy Bennett at the Bike'N'Hound About Andy Bennett One man. One guitar. One foot-bass. One helluva set. Andy Bennett has long been a personal favourite in the Bike'N'Hound - his
Tagged under: Andy Bennett, Classic Rock, Modern Rock
Andy Bennett - Profile


Yakavetta Profile Image for Bike'N'Hound Website About Yakavetta Something of a shift from the normal rock of the Bike'N'Hound, Yakavetta are a full on Metalcore band with something a little different.
Tagged under: Heavy, Metalcore, Original Songs, Yakavetta
Yakavetta - Band Profile

Hell To Pay

About Hell To Pay Hell To Pay were kicked into life by winning 106.1 Manchester Rock Radio’s Battle Of The Band’s competition less than a
Tagged under: Classic Rock, Heavy Rock, Hell To Pay, Original Songs
Hell To Pay - Band Profile

Smells Like Seattle

Smells Like Seattle live at the Bike'N'Hound About Smells Like Seattle Reigniting the raw power of the 90s Grunge scene, Smells Like Seattle deliver a show full of energy, with songs sure
Tagged under: Grunge, Modern Rock, Smells Like Seattle
Smells Like Seattle - Band Profile


YC/DC at the Bike'N'Hound About YC/DC Playing only the very best from the classic Bon Scott era of AC/DC, tribute band YC/DC are a joy to watch. Energetic, talented,
Tagged under: AC/DC, Classic Rock, YC/DC
YC/DC - Band Profile

The Andy Bennett Band

The Andy Bennett Band at the Bike'N'Hound One of the most popular bands in the Bike'N'Hound, The Andy Bennett Band never fails to deliver. Raw, energetic, and superbly played.
Tagged under: Andy Bennett Band, Classic Rock, Hendrix, Modern Rock, Punk, Rock, Ska
The Andy Bennett Band - Band Profile

Jon Casey Blues

Jon Casey Blues at the Bike'N'Hound Jon Casey Blues is one of those bands  that's always a welcome change in the Bike'N'Hound. We're not JUST about rock. Specialising also in good
Tagged under: Blues, Rock
Jon Casey Blues - Band Profile

The Pink Pumps

Pink Pumps - band image/logo About Pink Pumps From their website: A mix of covers and original songs, the musical genre we take as our jumping off point is Power
Tagged under: Pink Pumps, Power pop
Pink Pumps - Band Profile


Wrecked play the Bike'N'Hound About Wrecked Wrecked are one of the stalwarts of the Bike'N'Hound family - we have them back again and again - they're THAT good. The
Tagged under: Classic Rock, Wrecked
Wrecked - Band Profile

She Rox

She Rox at the Bike'N'Hound About She Rox Describing themselves as a 'Female fronted pop/rock covers band with umph', She Rox are one of those bands that never fail to
Tagged under: She Rox
She Rox - Band Profile